SIA “Controlit Factory” develops and manufactures innovative construction materials and solutions for waterproofing inspection. Our international team consists of professionals with several decades experience in roof construction sector, technology development and entrepreneurship.


Any flat roof will eventually leak. Water leaks are often expensive and very difficult to solve. But if there is installed Controlit – it will be simply, quickly and efficiently to detect damaged areas and to repair them in time.

Roof Water leaks Detect damaged roof areas  Damaged roof areas

Controlit – it is innovative waterproofing inspection solution, which allows to find damages in the nonconductive waterproofing layer that is difficult to find in any other way. Besides other benefits, it ensures energy efficiency, safety, financial savings. Read more


The system can be applied for any type of the flat roof (and for other waterproofing layers) with non-conductive waterproofing, and can be used for bitumen waterproofing, mechanically fixed waterproofing and for not fixed waterproofing.

Controlit Inspection Method

Roof with Controlit can be inspected with different kinds of devices and high or low voltage methods, depending on roof type and others aspects. Optical acoustical signal will indicate defective spots. Read more


With our focus on delivering waterproofing inspection innovation, we serve both professional and consumer markets throughout World in the areas of construction systems and roof renovation. Whether you are going to build a house or have plans for renovation, or you are a Professional – Build Smart Use Controlit.

Private Construction Objects:

Private House Contruction Private House Contruction 2

Commercial Construction Projects:

 Commercial Object Construction


If you use Controlit and the roof condition is systematically controlled, then in the long run, you will see great benefits, such as possibility to save huge financial resources, energy efficiency, and of course, safety.


We support all business category and we follow them in all their phases of projection to achieve safety, energy efficiency and money savings.


We help Architects, builders and new constructions sites to achieve the success and avoid in the future any trouble or expenses not programmed. We provide possibility to purchase inspection device and do the service by yourself.


We are always looking for new opportunities and new leads to expand our brand, and we think that our commercial network it is the most important to spread our product. We are open to discuss any inquire and opportunity for new collaboration, new country dealer, new agent and new form of commercialization.


Our work it is not only develop our product and selling it, but also about the final project. We care about results that is why all our partners and agents, need to have a fast courses on how to install and have some technical information. We also follow the inspection side by how to do it and by technical system for low and high voltage.

We ensure safety, energy efficiency and money savings.

Controlit and construction news in Swedish magazine - 16/04/2018

Take a look at this article and learn more about Controlit and news in construction field from Baltic States, which was published in special Swedish magazine.  We are very thankful to Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūra – LIAA for all support in Nordbygg exhibition. Click to read article in PDF.