About us


In 2016 we re-invented our business commitment to improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation with the launch of our new brand promise – Controlit Factory that delivers innovation that matters to you. We started to develop, manufacture and produce waterproofing inspection solution.

Our innovation brand line is the simplest distillation of our brand promise. It encapsulates the magic of innovation that makes a meaningful difference to people’s lives and comfort for their future.

With our focus on delivering waterproofing inspection innovation, we serve both professional and consumer markets throughout World in the areas of construction systems and roof renovation. Through Controlit we assure saftey, energy efficency, and financial savings, as well as in consumer safety and home care. Supporting business constraction through our technological innovation.


SIA “Controlit Factory” is a company that specializes in innovative waterproofing inspection solution and technology development and production. Our international team consists of professionals with several decades experience in roof construction sector, technology development and entrepreneurship. Our management structure combines responsible leadership and independent supervision.

Karlis Senhovs, Chairman

Kristaps Draudins, CEO

Eriks Stankevics, Board Member


We work closely together with our suppliers, supporting them in their efforts to improve their operational and sustainability performance. We also involve them at an early stage of the design process, during construction to help us innovate quickly and fulfil our customers’ expectations.