Controlit is a solution that by means of the high-voltage and low voltage method facilitates and allows to find precise location of damages in the nonconductive waterproofing layer that is difficult to find in any other way.


The system consists of two main components:

  • Electrically conductive waterproofing underlay Controlit GS

Controlit rullo

• Width 1,65m
• Weight 165g/m2
• Perfect electrically conductivity (<1000 Ohms/sq.)
• Tensile strength (MD 48,20kN/m; CD 39,96kN/m)
• Non flammable (A2, s1, d0)
• Alkali resistant

The layers are manufactured on the basis of a special technology only for Controlit solution
and could not be replaced because the correspond to the certain physical parameters. If these
parameters are changed, the system cannot work properly. This layer is necessary for
provision of the electric field for the whole roof surface till connection of ISOTEST roof
inspect or analogue device to any of the contacts.

Technical parameters:
Basic material: woven glass fibre Cover: stainless steel /
Plasma Electric resistance: <1000 Ω/sq. Width: 1.65 m
Material length in a roll: 50 m Material amount in a roll: 82.5 m2

  • Connection contacts

Controlit connection contact

• Stainless steel
• Provides inspection functions 25m radius around itself
• Can be installed in both horizontal and vertical surfaces
• Can be installed in ventilation outlets

This contact is specially designed to be used both on vertical surfaces and on a plane. The
contact is necessary to transfer ISOTEST roof inspect or analogue device voltage to the electrically conductive layer. The contact is made of the stainless steel. By means of the special collars the completely air-tight contact’s installation in the waterproofing is provided or it can also be installed in the ventilation outlets if such outlets are foreseen.

Technical parameters:
Material: stainless steel Foundation plate diameter: 60mm
Foundation plate thickness: 3 mm
Rod diameter: 10mm
Rod length: 198 mm
Weight: 346 g


The system can be applied for any type of the flat roof (and for other waterproofing layers) with non-conductive waterproofing, and can be used for bitumen waterproofing, mechanically fixed waterproofing and for not fixed waterproofing. Read more

  • Under mechanically installed Single layer waterproofing

Controlit Installation 1

  • Under mechanically installed Two layer waterproofing

Controlit Installation 2

  • Melted between two Waterproofing layers

Controlit Installation 3



Roof with Controlit can be inspected with different kinds of devices and high or low voltage methods, depending on roof type and others aspects. Optical acoustical signal will indicate defective spots.

  • Working principle with high voltage inspection method
    A spark-over and an optical acoustical signal indicate defective spots.

Controlit Inspection Method

  • Working principle with low voltage inspection method

Low Voltage Method 1


High voltage inspection solution has been developed together with our partners Elmed GmbH, who are specializing in design and manufacture of measuring and testing equipment for over 65 years.